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Ask Your Memphis Dentist: Flossing, Yes, it is Important

Ask Your Memphis Dentist: Flossing, Yes, it is Important

Most people wouldn’t say that flossing is at the top of their list of favorite things to do. For that reason, a lot of people choose not to floss, while others only floss occasionally. However, flossing daily is important to your oral health, and it only takes a few minutes a day to get it right.

If you are wondering why flossing is so important, your Memphis dentist explains what you need to know.

Prevent Tooth Decay and Gum Disease

While brushing your teeth can clean the majority of your tooth surfaces, it isn’t very effective at getting in between the teeth. That means bacteria and plaque may still exist in these spaces, even after a thorough brushing, leading to tooth decay and gum disease (gingivitis).

Dental floss is designed specifically to clean these hard to reach spaces, ensuring that plaque is removed from every part of your teeth.

Fight Bad Breath

No one wants bad breath. But, if dental plaque and food particles are able to remain trapped between your teeth, you are more likely to have a case of halitosis.

Flossing helps remove plaque and food from between the teeth, decreasing your chances of having bad breath by limiting the effects of odor-causing bacteria.

Maintain Your Health

Gum disease has been associated with increased risks of developing a range of dangerous health problems, including heart disease, strokes, and diabetes. Largely, this is because bacteria in the mouth can enter the body, especially if you experience bleeding gums.

By flossing, you can keep bacteria at bay, lowering your chance of developing one of these potentially deadly health conditions.

Save Money

By flossing, you can decrease your odds of developing cavities, gum disease, and a range of other oral health issues. That means, when you visit your Memphis dentist, you’re more likely to get a clean bill of health, avoiding potentially expensive corrective measures that may be associated with tooth decay, gingivitis, and more.

Achieve a Beautiful Smile

Not only can flossing prevent tooth decay and gum disease, ensuring your teeth are in the best shape possible, but it also removes food particles, avoiding that embarrassing moment of being seen with something in your teeth.

Flossing only takes a few minutes a day, but it can help you maintain a radiant smile, ensuring you are more confident every day.

If you aren’t sure how to start a flossing routine or which kind of floss is right for you, your Memphis dentist can help develop a plan based on your individual needs.

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  1. it is hard to say i have had many years of poor dental hygiene! however one day i had a realized i could not wait any longer as i had a really bad cavity one my # one wisdom tooth, in pain and others that i didn’t realize were causing other gum diseases; along with all of these issues i was also hypertensive; to the point that Dr. Dove refused to do any extractions; i was not happy with him at all because because he and his staff had gotten me to the point where i was so comfortable with them doing any work that needed to be done, even extractions. But, Dr. Dove said i can not do your extractions with your elevated B/P; i gave him a look, like are you kidding me? what does my B/P have to do with extractions. Him, being very jovial, saying “we treat the whole person! yeah right! i ended up not having any extractions that day!!!! Asking myself, who is this guy? Turning down my money and my insurance to treat “the whole person!” I will see you later:)!
    At the end of the day, i could not “see him later, because i feel so in love (professionally) with him and his staff.
    I did follow up with him and he recommended i see an oral surgeon named Micheal Williams DDS (The best recommendation ever)! Dr. Williams took care of me and i am no longer in pain, and gotten rid of the teeth that were causing me continuous gum disease. i am pain free after just a couple of days.
    i don’t know all the names of staff that helped me, however i am very appreciative to them all!
    Dr. Joseph Dove was the instrument to guide me to better dental health!

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