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Invisalign Braces in Memphis

Memphis Invisalign

If you or your teen want to have your teeth straightened, you may want to have it done invisibly using Invisalign braces. To learn more about Memphis Invisalign, and whether or not it will be a good tooth straightening option for you, visit one of our top-notch dentists at Dove Family Dentistry; our expert dentists are Dr. Joseph Dove and Dr. Anthony Polk.

Today both adults and teens can be treated with Memphis Invisalign invisible braces at our dental practice. Our dentist will first need to assess your individual bite situation and let you know if you are a good candidate for treatment with Invisalign. While Invisalign is able to correct a wide variety of bite problems, there are some bite situations which it is not a good treatment option for. Once our dentist determines that treatment with Invisalign will work well for you, CAD/CAM computer technology will be used to have an individualized set of clear plastic aligners created just for you. These aligners are virtually invisible wall they are being worn, and is why treatment with Invisalign is often referred to as invisible braces. Your set of aligners will have anywhere between 15 and 45 aligners in it, based on the type of bite problem that is being corrected. Invisalign Teen is a great new treatment for teens who want to have their teeth straightened in this manner. It contains several different ways to ensure teen compliance, and to allow room for teeth that have yet to erupt. Treatment with Invisalign takes about the same amount of treatment time as treatment with traditional metal braces. However, when patients wear Invisalign they are able to attend work, school, and social situations without needing to be embarrassed by the fact that they have metal wires and brackets on their teeth. Patients also enjoy the fact that they can eat anything they want during treatment with Invisalign since the clear plastic aligners are removed during meals.

Call our Memphis, Jackson, Oakland or Bartlett dental offices to make an appointment with a dentist who may be able to help you find out more about this topic, and improve your oral health.

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